Friday, September 28, 2012





I'm Professor PinK: 心理学讲座之【同理心】

I'm Professor PinK: 心理学讲座之【同理心】: 参加这堂免费讲座 ,纯粹是因为我无聊加了个心理学的qq群。 知道有这次机会,也是一样缘分 场地在中华总商会二楼的一个会议厅里 从7点半开始。在之前差不多已经坐了20个人左右 年纪几乎都比我大,也都是有家庭的人参加 我呢,只是抱着一种学习的姿态去。 看下真正的心理学...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ipad Zither Play

Now is Tea Break Time..xu......

Hi guys,This time I am use a application call "Zither".
I think need $2.99 maybe,sorry forget
but just now i found another app call "MINI Zither".
pls click here:
Next time I will try..

Thank you for watching.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Amazing APP for Ipad

 1. This is an application call "mybrushes" ,can drew any pic you like n creative. any color any brushes.

 2.This app is "ZEN brush", really really good app,simple Ink brush.
can change background & aotomaticlly choose color to match your background.
I love it.

Look my manager's SHU FA,"不患寡而患不均,不患贫而患不安" from "孔子"==================>
haha,my “zen”。。
the elect life my be more "zen"